Windshield Protection

Our team guarantees a professional service delivered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

5 star reviews on google and facebook

Windshield Protection

Our team guarantees a professional service delivered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

5 Star Reviews on Google and Facebook
Windshield Skin Protection

Southampton Windshield Protection Film Experts

Proven to be Tougher, Lighter & Eco Friendly

Welcome to the world of advanced vehicle protection! Our innovative Windshield Skin™ products offer a game-changing solution for vehicle owners in Southampton who want to safeguard their windshields and avoid the costly replacement of these essential components. With the increasing prevalence of Advanced Driving Assistance System cameras and sensors (ADAS), preserving the integrity of your windshield is more critical than ever.

As much as glass has evolved over time, you’d be surprised to learn that glass hasn’t really changed in nearly 100 years. Until now. The tried and true process of placing a thick plastic laminated between to layers of glass is being redefined using Windshield Skin™ exteriors protection laminates.

World's #1 Windshield Protection

Nothing out performs a Windshield Skin™

With this new glass cover, a flexible glass-like material, impact resistance, scratch resistance and disposable Windshield Skin™ materials forms to the outermost ply of the factory laminate - effectively providing a durable, replaceable option, while improving the impact resistance and scratch-resistance of today’s commercial glass and automotive windows.

What Elevates Windshield Skin™:

  • Scratch Resistant Windshield Skin™ protection films stands up to everyday abrasions, like windshield wipers, sand, gravel and car washing.
  • Optically Clear Windshield Skin™ films are all optically clear like glass and seamlessly integrates with a car’s windshield.
  • Absorbs the Impact Reduces the occurrence of rock chips, pitting, and bulls’ eyes—leaving the glass in pristine condition.
  • Proprietary Exterior Endurance Hard-Coating Windshield Skin™ Exterior Endurance Hard Coat has the strongest bond between layers than any other windshield protection film in the industry. Guaranteeing the longer lasting protection built to withstand any climate with out sacrifice clarity or durability.
  • Protects Vehicles’ Interiors Windshield Skin™ films all block 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Offers Faster Run-Offs Rain and snow runs off easily, resulting in better visibility when using Windshield Skin™.
  • Additional Safety Can help keep your windshield intact during an accident, providing increased protection to the occupants of your vehicle.
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